Gabriela Matei & Marius Tudor

Gabriela Matei & Marius Tudor



If we have to describe in one sentence, it would be: ‘We love people.’ We do our best to capture emotions during an unrepeatable event like wedding. Besides the photos taken of us, we want to provide our couples special experiences, the joy of being photographed and to see through our eyes. “Members Fearless Photographers from early 2013, gathered 13 awards, part of the select circle of photographers Romans awarded this prestigious community. Participated alongside some of the best wedding photographers in the world, the first conference Fearless Photographers in Europe in July 2013 in Amsterdam.

Also in October 2013, he brought the grand prize of the collection and the V-wedding photos of the site’s British Wedding Photography Select.
Combining classic play nonconformity and funny moments and strong emotions, brought Gabriela and Marius among the most respected wedding photographers in Romania.

Session by Gabriela Matei & Marius Tudor – Day One

Check-in & Registration

by TNC & Attendees

08:30 AM

Welcome to TNC18

by Segun Olotu

09:00 AM

Documentary Photography ” Why we do what we do”

by kevin Ouma

09:30 AM

How to develop your business photography

by Andra & Marius Dragan

10:30 PM

Demonstrating Canon Speedlite

by Segun Olotu

11:30 AM

Buffet Lunch

by TNC

12:00 PM

Project Development & Ethics

by Tom Saater

1:00 PM

TNC Business Clinic

by David Ajayi

2:00 PM

Perspectives “View through the fashion lens”

by Sergio Kurhajec

3:00 pm

Live Shoot

by To be Confirmed

4:00 pm

The heart-driven photography career

by TY Bello

10:00 AM

It all begins with collaboration

by Segun Olotu

11:00 AM

Demonstrating Canon Video Light VL – 10Li

by Segun Olotu

11:45 AM

Buffet Lunch

by TNC

12:00 PM

Shoot the Moment

by Sabina Mladin

1:00 PM

The Marathon “Be in for the long haul”

by Keith Major

2:00 PM

Canon & TNC one year Mentorship Programe winners announcements

by Amy Anaiz

3:00 PM

TNC Photo Critiques

by TNC Team


Collaboration Live shoot ” Using Canon 5D S”

by Segun Olotu, Marius & Andra dragan

4:00 PM

TNC18 Epic After party

by DJ-Skillz

09:00 PM

Canon & TNC Basic DSLR Photography Workshop

by Leke Alabi Isama

Open to 20 passionate photographers in collaboration with Canon Central & North Africa.

9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Shoot the Moment Masterclass 2.0

by Sabina Mladin

09:00 AM - 19:00 PM
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