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Adebiyi is a top performing Business Relationship Manager at major US Banks. During his tenure at the Bank, he has consulted and built relationships with thousands of business owners as he provides financial advice to help increase their bottom line by increasing efficiencies and profits. He also assists his clients by creating strategies that provide solutions on how they can invest and grow their business.
He is also the founder of ShareShopShip, a New York City based shopping concierge service for personal and business consumers around the globe. Our team helps bridge the gap between the hurdles of shopping on US websites from overseas. We help our clients purchase the latest technology and other products as they are released in the US market space as opposed to waiting months to a year before it is officially released abroad.

We started off as an IT consultant to multinational companies in West Africa for over a decade before creating a transparent platform for consumers to easily share their needs while our team assists with shopping and deliveries.

We continue to expand our relationships with various vendors, which transcends into added value for our customers.

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