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Bisi Alawode



My name is Bisi Alawode and I love photographing people. I love images that tell a story and stir up emotions. This reality comes to bear when I photograph weddings. I approach each wedding with a unique perspective, aiming to capture the love, joy and energy that is shared on this day. I see my role as not just the photographer at your wedding but also a friend who is entrusted with creating images that reflect the pure emotion of love on your wedding day. My goal is to create images that are not just a piece of paper on your table or wall but a treasure of the heart, mind and body.

Session by Bisi Alawode – Day One


by Segun Olotu

09:00 AM

Practical elements to inspire you towards stronger wedding images.

by Christelle Rall

10:00 AM

I don’t always get it right; but i get close.

by Chad Pennington

11:00 PM

Buffet Lunch

12:00 PM

Documenting the office of the President

by Bayo Omoboriowo

02:00 PM

Finding your place as a photographer

by Olu Akintorin

03:00 PM

Investing in your Business & yourself

by Adebiyi Akinsemoyin

04:00 PM


by Gabriela Matei & Marius Tudor

04:30 PM

The emotional story

by Beena & Anil Tohani

09:00 AM

Refinement in the details

by Amy Anaiz

10:00 AM

Maintaining a career in an ever changing world

by Richard Beland

11:00 AM

Buffet Lunch

12:00 PM

Building influence and sustainability

by Bisi Alawode

01:00 PM

Elevating creativity and educating the market

by mauricio Arias

03:00 PM

Inspiration – Live shoot

by Amy Anaiz

04:30 PM

TNC2017 Epic Party

by The Now Collectives

09:00 PM

Master Class – Inspiration 3.0

by Mauricio Arias

10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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